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Art Type : painting

Series : Dwayne Jahn - Bits of Haven - Painting - S1 - 2014

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Artist | Publisher : Dwayne Jahn

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Paintings by Dwayne Jahn
Acrylic on Cotton Canvas
mounted on MDF 8x5x1 cm

They were painted abstractly over a period of several weeks between winter and spring; the color range reflects the change of light on some level. Painterly color fields develop uniquely on each block, a visual language emerged.
May everyone rotate their small original until the personal balance or position has been found. The paintings stand well on the sides and are numbered and signed on the back.

I studied Art & Music at Bard College in New York until 2006 and now live and work in Berlin.
On my blog you can see more of my works.

Code : 19219


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