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Art Type : photo-colour

Series : Edition Gallery Luzia Sassen - SAXA - Je suis… - 2015

Page Views : 800

Artist | Publisher : Luzia Sassen

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SAXA - Dr Sascha A Lehmann

I love life an - apart from a few minor curveballs - it looks as through it really loves me back. I can therefore claim, without exaggeration, that i am a content man. Ofter even a happy one. And almost always a grateful one. I am definetly curious, communicative and ... self-serving - in a healthy, non-pathologic way that still allows me to contribute to the community. Obviously.

What you may know about me: I was...
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The art of SAXA is shown in AAF brussels 2015 and other famous art fairs in Europe. He is represented by the german gallery Luzia Sassen Cologne / Bonn.

Code : 24599

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