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Welcome to the world of Artsurprise!

Artsurprise is a european art project linked to more than 300 contemporary artists working and living worldwide and partizipating in one of the biggest social art sculpture with more than 70 locations in Europe.

Start your journey through one of the most exciting international european art movements and find your favorite emerging contemporary artists. Check your Box-ID and enjoy the stories behind artists and works. Read more about your advantages to partizipate as an artist or art dealer.

Artsurprise is the best starting point for your own and unique art collection.

Ute Best - Objects - S1
Juan Petry - Amazing Citizens in civil wars - AP - 2011-2021
Jo Pellenz Paintings S1
Arta Garanca - Let's travel - s1 - 2021
Elena Ploetz - women standing in line to use a public toilet - 2019 - drawings - s8
Sabine Schennach - Golden Eye - objects - S1

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