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Art Type : drawing

Series : Elena Ploetz - sketchbook 2006 - 2009

Page Views : 389

Artist | Publisher : Elena Ploetz

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This series of 100 small drawings is based on my sketchbook that embraces 3 years: 2006- 2009. The drawings are both nostalgic and autobiographical - in those three years I got married, had a baby and started a business that ended up rather sadly. In these drawings I have processed my past: my dreams, fears, imaginary happenings and non-happenings, associations and nightmares, all seen much clearer from a distance. The drawings show all sorts of bizarrely (un)related things: couples, children, babies, cats, strange figures, real and imaginary landscapes, mindscapes and abstracts. I hope you can relate to them, too. We are all different but in many things alike.

Code : 10155

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