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Art Type : painting

Series : Schirin Fatemi - Paintings - S1

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Artist | Publisher : Schirin Fatemi

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"Paintings - S1" includes 6 motives in a limited edition of 100 pieces, each signed and numbered. The image above is one of 18 pieces of artwork "Ninfa I" (2013).

In my imagery, perception moves between figuration and abstraction. The study of color, the interaction of light and space, and the relationship between nature and structure are themes central to my work. As my starting point, I take the complex world that surrounds me. Concrete objects are transformed into a pictorial language by seeking out artistic forms hidden in the natural world and throughout our infinitely various reality. The realistic context of cultural landscapes as an expression of human creativity in the natural environment - combined works of nature and culture - is lost to view, and abstract elements such as color, pattern and movement move into the spotlight, dematerializing the imagery and elevating it to a different dimension.

Visit http://www.schirinfatemi.de/projekte/artsurprise.html for further information about the other images of this edition:

Landeinwaerts - Ninfa I - Ninfa II - Orkos - Rom - Villa Pamphili
Code : 10754

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