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Art Type : drawing

Series : Elena Ploetz - Nudes - x/100 - Drawings - S1

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Artist | Publisher : Elena Ploetz

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Nudes - x/100 - Elena Ploetz

This whole series of 100 drawings is based on a drawing class I have been attending for the last 3 years. I believe there is nothing more beautiful in nature than a human being. And human beings all come with different bodies, containers of our souls - female and male, big and smal, thin and heavy, tall and short and and and...
But there is on thing they all have in common for me: their absolute and ultimate perfection, a feast for the eye. There are no beauty standards, not for me, not really. I just enjoy the lines, the colors, the volumes and the spirit and then i try and convey them on paper.

What you see is the result of my effort.

Code : 12945

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