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Art Type : video

Series : Oliver Niemoeller - THE TEMPLE - Video Art - S1 - x/100

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Artist | Publisher : Oliver Niemoeller

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digital art Oliver Niemoeller
USB 1 / S1 | x of 100

The music-video THE_TEMPLE_V.mp4 on the stick is an animation from inside a 3D-fractal with a stereo soundtrack, composed and produced by BERNSTEIN SOLO ON.

The video is part of a surround - music � video � installation consisting of 8 directions and Quadro sound. The original size (dxv codec) of the video is 6,5 GB per direction.

For further information about the installation see:
Fractals are a visualisation of mathematical functions. The images are generated by an iterated process on equations with complex numbers, where real part and complex part are coordinates of the image. The mother fractal, the Mandelbrot set is 2D and the formula is: zn+1 = zn2 + c.
The maths for 3D-fractals was found in 2007.

Further information about fractals see the pdf file on the stick.
Use VLC-player or Quicktime to watch the video.

You can make safety copies for your own private use.
You can perform the video in public, but you should inform me in advance (email) and the music is registered at GEMA. It shouldnt be performed without the music because the music is part of the concept of the artwork.
Your are not allowed to publish it on the internet in any way!

Code : 13869

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