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Art Type : photo-bw

Series : Edition GalerieSassen - June Ueno - Paris in Time - x/100 - 2013

Page Views : 1513

Artist | Publisher : Luzia Sassen

Photographs by June Ueno.

The photographs made by June Ueno show an impressive depth so that the beholder feels to be absorbed by them. Contrasts and different points of view build the composition of the works.

Facades, building lines and figures seem to stand up to the camera. They spread their surfaces to give the impression of a space. Gaps and reflections challenge the beholder to orientate himself in every picture anew. In this way, Ueno always shows the other side: the hidden things, the opposite of truth and the past as well.

And so Ueno documents even his own existence. To him, photographs are always prove that he had been there having seen it.

Code : 14199

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