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Art Type : photo-bw

Series : Edition GalerieSassen - SAXA Dr. Sascha A. Lehmann - Slogan I - x/100 - 2013

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Artist | Publisher : Luzia Sassen

SAXA | Dr. Sascha A. Lehmann

I love life and - apart from a few minor curveballs - it looks as though it really loves me back. I can therefore claim, without exaggeration, that I am a content man. Often even a happy one. And almost always a grateful one. I am definitely curious, communicative and self-serving in a healthy, non-pathologic way that still allows me to contribute to the community. Obviously.

What you may know about me: I was born on May 27th, 1975 in the placid town of Siegen. I made it anyway. My (in retrospect) thoroughly happy childhood, adolescence and indulged early adulthood took place predominantly in Marburg. For those of you who may not know or remember: This adorable town can be found 20 kilometres away from Giessen, a mostly ugly place between northern Hessens gem, Kassel, and the aviational and financial hub of Frankfurt.

My school career was definitely more relaxing for me than my parents. My mother at least was a popular guest at my secondary schools parent-teacher conferences. At the Gymnasium Philippinum, I gained a humanistic education that culminated in a diploma in 1994. Due to my notion that school was for fun, my (average!) GPA put a sad damper on my plans to study architecture.

After my civilian service in a great establishment for handicapped people I worked as a construction management assistant on a big building lot in Giessen. The buldings are still standing! In April of 1997, I started my degree in human medicine in Cologne, which I finished in the spring of 2004. I received my PhD in 2006 for my thesis on The Quality of Life in Child- and Youth Psychiatry. You may call me Herr Doktor. But I then quit medicine for the artistic passions I had discovered and developed during university. I was incapable of swapping them with the daily hospital routine - they had already become too important.

I rejoiced in writing questions and answers for various quiz shows on German TV. I attempted a marathon three times and so far, the route has taken me at least 3 hours, twelve minutes, and eight seconds. I sailed the Ijsselmeer with kith and kin and have laid hundreds of squares of parquet for friends and aquaintances. To this day, I cant command any musical instrument.

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