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Art Type : prints

Series : Renate Braendlein - Prints - x/90 - 2013

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Artist | Publisher : Renate Braendlein

Series 1| prints | x / 90 | 2012

Renate Brändlein's abstract, often large-scale compositions are characterized by a rich range of (bright) colours.
Forms with volume and depth emerge from the interaction between colour and (delicate) lines.
Brändlein divides her time between Germany and Spain, and her work combines the many facets of the Ruhr District with a Spanish love of color and the intense light of the south.
She employs an old, nearly forgotten (printing) painting technique: she blots the (various) coats of paint with tissue paper, creating special colour effects in her prints.

When asked to contribute (some of her work) to "artsurprise", she chose these smaller-scale prints - independent ("offspring") "children" of her large-format paintings on canvas.
You can visit the artist in her gallery artdepot in Gelsenkirchen or online here:

Code : 14600

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