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Art Type : mixed media

Series : Mareike Felsch - s2 - Miniart - 2013

Page Views : 1209

Artist | Publisher : Mareike Felsch

miniart by mareike felsch

The techniques used in my miniart are the same as those used in my big sized collages:

for instance monotypes, frottages, the usage of napkin fragments as well as natural pressed flowers, grasses, ferms etc. from all over the world.

Certain Details and colour gradiens are complemented by the use of oil-paint, Gouache or Acryl.

What is most fascinating to me about working with collages is the possibility of combining different things in a easygoing and humorous way.

Thus in my world of Images seeming opposites live together in peaceful coexistence.

Mareike Felsch, 2011 - 2014

Code : 16519

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