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Art Type : painting

Series : Olga Schaefer - ADAdripping - Painting - S1

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Artist | Publisher : Olga Schaefer

Olga Schaefer - ADAdripping - Painting - S1

"After the pseudonym ADAdripping we find a young artist who makes a surprising and varied work named Olga Schaefer. Painting, performance, action painting and installation are part of the wide portfolio of this great, restless and nonconformist artist who also develops its work in research work in architecturea. This artista has a strong social engagement and with its environment. Her work has a deeper aspect that delves into the depths of our psychology and our spiritual being. Olga not only has an impeccable technique, also and above all she is able to touch our consciousness."
Ana Trigo (Art Consultant)

To me art is catharsis, a way to express my deepest thoughts, to convey and communicate what I think about behaviors of society, it is the look, it is passion, it is freedom. My work is a reaction to the global crisis we are living on all levels: the economic, energetic and moral. The art becomes a mean of expression and denunciation. We need to express the frustration experienced, the uncertainty of the future. We need imagination, no matter the consequences. It is necessary that everybody becomes aware and participates; it must become one single cry. The art has to express the widespread despair, we must speak out.

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