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Art Type : photo-colour

Series : Claudia Maschek - S1 - Fotografie

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ARTSURPRISE - Art work Artist | Publisher : Claudia Maschek

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Claudia Maschek, paintress, performer and butoh-dancer. She is living and working in Cologne and elsewhere.
In your hands you are holding a photograph of the performance and installation "dai wa nacch", which was presented in 2013 in the artist building "Kunstwerk", Cologne.
This installation and performance consisted of 843 meters of paper lettered with selfwritten poems as well as with collections of words and sentences. Claudia Maschek names them their "word lucky bags". To her lettered paper is a symbol for her so far lived live and the incidences, which often coin us, maybe even hem and internally tie us down. Shields from which we often would like to free ourselves.
"But those moments painted, colored, lettered the picture of our skin. Without those moments we experienced the picture of our skin would not be as it is NOW. It would not be our skin".

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