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Art Type : drawing

Series : Elena Ploetz - Nudes - x/100 - Drawings - S2

Page Views : 874

Artist | Publisher : Elena Ploetz

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Elena Ploetz - Nudes - Series 2 - 2014

This series of male nudes has a funny history. First i was asked to do 100 drawings of male nude models. And i agreed. But then, after the first 10 serious sketches, i started fidgeting - it was terribly boring just to copy the drawings i made before in an open studio. So i asked the readers of my blog (in russian - http://hohkeppel.livejournal.com/ ) for advice - and i got plenty of feedback and ideas. My readers wanted to see naked men in all kinds of everyday situations, unusual settings and impossible happenings. And i had a lot of fun drawing them - my naked men are not just posing nicely, they are eating, bathing, singing, dancing, serving food and surfing internet, doing sports and many other things. i hope you will have as much fun looking at them - and they come in all shapes and colors, just like the men in real life do.

Elena Ploetz, 2013 - 14, Germany
Code : 17120

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