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Art Type : painting

Series : FLOWER OF WISHES - Cornelia Tersanszki - S1 - 2014

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Artist | Publisher : Cornelia Tersanszki

The purple flower of wishes...

You are holding in your hand the purple flower of wishes.
When i was little child my mother gave me a kaleidoscope and said, it can open the gate to the magic forest.
After years i finally found it: it is as they say.

They say, that the trees in the magic forest change colours as you walk... If you enter the magic forest and look carefully, you can find the purple flower of wishes. It flowers three times a year and only pure hearted people can see it in a glimpse.

The flower will fullfill one wish for the fortunate who has seen it.

Cornelia Tersanszki, Romania, 2013-2014

Code : 17409


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