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Art Type : combined painting

Series : Sylvia Spyra - Hearts - Combined painting - 2014

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Artist | Publisher : Sylvia Spyra

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Sylvia Spyra - Hearts - Combined painting - 2014

which is so difficult to describe,
is the only true and permanent experience in our lives.
It is the opposite of fear and the core of all relationships,
the nature of creativity, the grace of might - a complex part of what we are.
It is the source of felicity, the energy which binds us and which lives in us.
(Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross)

To give and revceive love

The abstract, but clearly visible floral landscape, completed by combinations of hearts in warm shades and different shapes, is a collage full of harmony. This work was divided into a hundred little pictures in the dimension 8x5 cm which form a unit together and, at the same time, those fragments are pictures for themselves.
We are often held back by not knowing the right words, or we just dont have the right present, when we want to say thank you, or apologize. Or we feel the need to make a gift to someone.

...why not a heart?...

Sylvia Spyra
Code : 17599

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