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Art Type : objects

Series : Reliefs - S1 - 2014

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ARTSURPRISE - Art work Artist | Publisher : David Wenzel

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relief s1 2014

You are now holding a relief of Minerva in your hand. In Ancient Rome the Minerva was the Goddess of the moon, of battle, medicine and wisdom - originally stemming from Etruscan and Sabinan Menrva.


You are holding a relief of Jupiter in your hand. Jupiter is the Godhead of the ancient Roman religion and mythology . The God if light, of the sky and thunder and rain. He also was the Guardian of Justice and truth.


You are now holding the Goddess Athene in your hands. Athene is the greeks Goddess of Wisdom , Strategy and Fight. Her symbol is the owl, and sometimes she she was represented by an owl. the greeks capitol Athen was named after her.


You are now holding Bacchus in your hands.. Bacchus is known as the Roman God of Wine and inebriation (flush). Originally in ancient Rome he was also known as the God of Fruitfulness and he was honored for these services as well.


You are holding the God Zeus in your hands. Zeus is known as the highest greeks God of Olymp and mightier as all other Gods concluded.. Alone the fate (fortune) had a higher position ; the fate was represented by his daughters , the Moires - and Zeus himself also had to inflect himself to the Fate.

Europe regarded in an uprooted condition : the old world isnt certain any longer . Who could claim for a redetermination if not the ancient Gods of the antiquity era? As symbols of signification itself they are presentational prototype-certitude through my craft . This is, what the Art Surprise customer is adapting with his/her purchase.

My pseudonym is Gryphon Midas. I paint oil on canvas and I form sculptures of clay, plaster and bronze. Since I started to deal with the subject of arts the renaissance and baroque eras are my main topics . Focus of my art is the human , and it's the same in these two eras. As an artist I work on public as well as on private behalf. Sacred works are my preferred, since I like to work on pieces with spiritual depth and themes of mythology. So my last exhibition was centrally a new interpretation of witchcraft. You could say, that I invent a kind of door to the past by my way to interpret those old themes of the past in my sacred works and projects. People who get in touch with my works can use this door to the past to connects to the issues of the ancient times. New experimental thoughts are going to be started; the past gets closer and spirited and it's taking a new place by getting sampled and experienced.

The once missing ancient becomes spirited and can be experienced as a
definite form. Additionally you have the option to collect other Gods and Goddesses of my ARTSURPRISE serial. These are available if you follow this link: gryphon-midas.de, so that you can add and complete the collection. Please feel free to visit my homepage from time to time since I will be producing other Gods and Goddesses.; its up to you, if you order the embossments of plaster, as available in the ART SURPRISE Box or the cast in bronze. Further information upon my work for public as well as for private customers can be accessed of the following link : gryphon-midas.de
Code : 17859

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Reliefs - S1 - 2014


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