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Art Type : audio-music-jazz

Series : Martin Calo - Jazz - Edition 1 - 2014

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Artist | Publisher : Martin Calo

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My name is Martin Calo,

Im a self-taught musician, and I was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. I believe that we all have music in us...

To be specific, my interest in interpreting music started at 3 years old, when I played on the piano the melodies my father knew, and the songs we learned in school. Then I started listening tapes and records, and I repeated what I heard...

At 6 years old my repertoire consisted of a large quantity of tangos, Argentine folk music, waltzes and ballads.
At 11 years old I got my first financial return for playing music at religious celebrations on a double-keyboard, pedalled organ. I played the Wedding March and Ave Maria at weddings. Then, at 14 years old I started to form bands, playing blues and rock.
And from 14-21 years old I learned a lot through accompanying singers, groups, and playing solo piano in hotels and piano bars. It was during this period that I internalised rhythms such as bossa nova, funk, soul, jazz, and electronic music...

At 24 years old I moved to Europe.

From that point on, my attention was, and is, focused on playing and learning with as many different artists as possible. Meeting new and different people feeds my interest, both people who are different to me, and different from each other musicians and artists from the most diverse origins, both musical origins and human origins.

I suppose that from this was born RAYMI...

RAYMI means festival, meeting, celebration; the word is taken from the
phrase Inti-Raymi, which is the Sun Festival celebrated by the Incas.

It is a festival that coincides with Summer Solstice in South America.

The people meet to sing, dance, eat, and to make offerings to Mother Earth (Pachamama) throughout the whole night, until they welcome the Sunrise that marks the start of a New Cycle.

I feel that this happens in every concert; that it is a kind of ritual, and for me it has the same importance and joy.

Currently RAYMI is presented live by 12 musicians on stage, with dancing, paintings and live video art.

Regarding the style of music we play you could define it as World Music, and it is the result of the fusion of many rhythms. In RAYMIs music you can hear the influence of tango, Argentine folk music, jazz, blues, funk, flamenco, and African, Brazilian, and Arabian rhythms, amongst others...

It is a style of music that is constantly evolving and that feeds off every musician that is part of the project, without prejudice...

Here is a recording in which nearly 40 musicians took part...

Martin Calo - 2014 - Series for ARTSURPRISE.EU

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