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Art Type : painting

Series : Ottilia Cormos - glass art - painting - 2014

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Artist | Publisher : Ottilia Cormos

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"Artsurprise makes you happy!" - Because surprise generally has pleasant and positive valence. Reverse oil painting is a surprise for artist itself too, there is sometimes a gap between assumption, expectation and final result, opposite to conventional painting the application of paint is done to glass on its back side, reversed and the finished work is intended to be viewed through the front.

Painting for me represents freedom between the walls where the windows made of glass let the sunshine come inside and through them we see the world around us.
We all need sunshine and colors in our everyday life and struggle. Through my window I try to see the amazing nature, colors and beauty. In this series my intention is to show you the beauty of my country from the Black Sea to the Carpathian Mountains in landscapes, flowers, forests, images specific to this area through a piece of glass, through my little windows you are holding right now in your hand.

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Code : 19020

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