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Art Type : painting

Series : E.Brons Acrylic Letters Painting

Page Views : 443

Artist | Publisher : Edgar Brons

Acrylic letters

There is a language people can understand all over the world without having to learn it laboriously! IMAGINATION is the magic word. It was my idea to invent a script that every readers mind can transform immediatly into pictures.

Instead of using e.g. Cyrillic letters, i simply used acrylic ones. Thereby a very colourful language evolves. The content of the text is left to the viewers creativity and may change at any time. The interested reader can form his own word from my letters. They will certainly come close to mine.

We will get into a colourful conversation. Howerver, should the art lover lack imagination, he is free to buy a kitsch art picture and burn it in his living room.

E. Brons. 2011

Code : 2000

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