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Art Type : painting

Series : Detlef Bartels - Venezia urban landscapes - 2014

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Artist | Publisher : Detlef Bartels

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Venezia - urban landscape
Series I / Acryl on canvas / MDF

The idea for this picture series has arisen during the 54th Esposizione Internationale d arte.
In the year 2011 we were in Venice with my artist friend on study trip for the biennial festival. We reached Venice after a thrilling drive by the Dolomites. Arrived finally we were fascinated by the narrowness and size of the town. The impressive works of the artists joined from all the world.
The town of the 398 bridges offers its services to exhibit art. Contrasting points of view, it gets obvious to look and to create for the nature of the art, connections through what connect bridges.

Originals are exhibited for the first time in the context of the Tage der offenen Ateliers on August 30th and 31st in the AtelieramPark in Gronau and in the gallery Bruecke in Asbeck issued on September 7th .

Pictures are bridges.
Code : 20179

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