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Art Type : painting

Series : Inna Sol - the beauty of life - s1 - painting - 2014

Page Views : 662

Artist | Publisher : Inna Sol

Today person has a unique opportunity - to live in a peaceful world. For the generation of the ??th century when the words dictatorship, nazism, communism were popular, happy life was nothing more than a dream. In spite of long suffering and humiliation, that generation lived to see a peaceful life: it is them who know the value of happiness.

Nowadays, despite shooting we every day hear about, we live in a relatively calm world. We are lucky: we did not have to pay high price for everybodys joy of life as our grandparents did. Though not often we understand how happy we are. Constant rush, desire to be better and faster than anybody or anything - these are the goals we define for ourselves and only few ask the question what for?. Many people do not ask themselves such questions because a true answer might make them being easygoing, open, trustworthy, sincere, sensitive, kind, naive - having the qualities so unpopular in a modern world as many think.

My works prove the contrary: having found love in everything around we multiply beauty and get better, making our life and our selves simpler. Being open to the world, improving, giving love and getting it back are everydays delight we can easily receive. Try, probably risk - and you will feel savor of every day, every moment, beauty of the world and the good! Live through every second: it is perfect!
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