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Art Type : objects

Series : Juan Petry - Monolith - Manifest - Objects

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Artist | Publisher : Juan Petry

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Manifest - Monolith
marble - x/100 - 2014

A single big stone, formed by nature or human hands, is, for itself, a symbol and a landmark.

Handmade by a human, it contains a past (history) and it is - as a massive object - part of the present (and therefore contemporary... now).

The little unique marble monolith you hold in your hand, was handmade in Spain, in the Maestrazgo region. It is a witness of old and forgotten handcraft history in the culture capital of Morella (Castellon).

If you want a wish to come true, place it in your favorite environment, take a picture and send this photo to monolith@petry.eu. Post your wish and the photo including the link http://www.petry.eu/monolith/ in your social networks.

If you are strong and sure, give the monolith to a person you love and let him/her repeat what you have done before.
(Explain and repeat:) If you want a wish to come true, place it...

You have to pronounce your wish to make it come true.

Read more: http//www.petry.eu/monolith/

Morella, 2012-2014

Juan Petry

Code : 23380

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