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Art Type : painting

Series : Guy Sahuc - The share of the dream - painting - 2015

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Artist | Publisher : Guy Sahuc

Guy Sahuc - paintings - 2014 - s1

The share of the dream

We are entering an era in which reality is no longer unique. Here and now, new realities arise, virtual and yet detectable. Image and imagination resonate again.

As a traveler, eager to discover new horizons, I explore, beyond the brutal anthill of everyday life, the endless continent of poetry in search of the flowers of the soul.

Of those places where the spirit moves freely, I paint pictures. I use abstraction in order to access these new worlds. On the basis of abstract compositions I interpret shapes, materials and colors to reveal the world beyond. Step by step, with each stroke of the brush, epic universes evolve.

Thus, the misty abstract becomes reality. Jellyfish floating through the air convey the creative mind that is open to everything. The main features of the jellyfish refer to the origins of our world and of the yet to be discovered universes. Their grace sows beauty and poetry.

And I contribute to increasing the share of the dream on the base of the present.

Aude, France, november 2014
Guy Sahuc

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