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Art Type : comics

Series : Brons - Comic Art - 2015

Page Views : 320

Artist | Publisher : Edgar Brons

Edgar Brons - Comic Art 2015

The artist Edgar Brons, well known as a storyteller of old Fix and Foxi series, creater of several comic icons like Jack and Billy let us show in his archive of funny creatures. ARTSURPRISE is proud to be able to open this secret box of a german famous comic drawer and let you enjoy the fresh and independent proofs of one important pioneer of german comic art.

In this series Brons combine digital processing with the unique creatures of his comic world.

The series is inspired by his comic album BROMICS. It was published by QUASIMODO (GER) in 1988. The limited edition is available only in boxes of ARTSURPRISE in some locations with vending machines holding comic art on stock.

If you want to get into contact with the artist have a look at the insert information.
Code : 25380

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