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Art Type : painting

Series : Milos - Naif spirit - 2015 - S1

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Artist | Publisher : Milos Gonzalez

Milos - Naif spirit - Series 1 for ARTSURPRISE 2015

I adopted the naif style in 1990, i found a way of understanding art and life plenty of poetry and simplicity as my mind. The name which i am known around is MILOS, shrinking family of Maria Dolors, in my opinion I share a certain naif personally with my paintings, because with both of them I show my everyday reality lived but carefree intense.

Some people like to downplay the naif style. However i think it must be very hard to paint this style, you must be brave, because it goes beyond the limitations of any language, the artist cannot take refuge in mere technical devices, and should concentrate its efforts on distilling all simplicity and all the poetry of the only way that this can be expressed with the most absolute sincerity and spontaneity.

This is why, althrough some people do, not everyone can paint naiv: the technique can be learned, but having and keeping a pure heart and brave assets is only blessed.

I havent adopted a style, i have just taken a way of understanding the world and share it. My colors, pure as the rainbow or the blue sky, they are bright and cheerful. The rhythm of my compositions, the result of my passion for music, shows a spirit that has managed to organize the time and space as if the music plays the piano for my soul.

And through of the successive series themes often, we see the best pieces of my particular environment: open fields, plenty of flowers and children under sharp protective sky, the mediterian and the blue girl, the church of Tauell during the flower seasons; thoroughly embodied the spirit of Christmas trees in multiples of toys, or the architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

It is more important to understand the view of the artist than to study this work. My eyes always restless, questioning installed another whispering: I am innocent! - My painting has just confirmed it.

naif artist
Girona - Barcelona

Code : 26084


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