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Art Type : digital art

Series : Juan Petry - Digital Art - 2012 - Digital Guerillero - s2

Page Views : 1065

Artist | Publisher : Juan Petry

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Series 1 | x / 50 | 2012

Congratulations. You are now part of an art project. I beg you to take this object to one of your favorite places and to take a photo of it there. Then please post this photo in all your social networks and send it to all your friends (with a request for forwarding). In addition, I ask you to send me a digital version of your photo for the documentation of this art project (with the right of publication in print and web) by email to digital@8x5.eu. Please describe in your email why the place is your favorite place. Your contribution to this art project is part of an exhibition project. Herewith you are given the explicit right to use and distribute this art work in web and print. With quotation of the reference "digital guerrillero | (c) Juan Petry | www.8x5.eu", you may use this art work unrestrictedly and for free, including commercial use. You can find a version in higher resolution along with other information on
www.8x5.eu/digitalguerrillero .
Code : 7544

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