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Art Type : drawing

Series : Sonia Eva Domenech - Inner Worlds

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Artist | Publisher : Sonia Eva Domenech

Inner worlds
Series 1 | x of 60 | 2012

In every person there is a beautiful world. Everybody has to discover for himself his entrance to this space. I give you an image as a window to meditate and to concentrate on starting your journey.
In our outer world we are overloaded by communication, too many signs, too many words. Discover your inner world between all these words and symbols and spam. The real entrance is not marked by words, it is marked by the space between them.
If you open the layers carefully you will get to know another dimension. This will bring you to a more open view. Your own inner world is surely multidimensional, and it will be a lifetime journey to discover it, from one level to the next.

Visit http://www.soniaevaart.com/ for further information about other inner worlds and to order additional pieces, combined pieces with frames or pieces in bigger dimension.

Sonia Eva Domenech, 2012
Code : 7804

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