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Art Type : mixed media

Series : Juan Petry - The Car of the future - S4

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Artist | Publisher : Juan Petry

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The car of the future

The car of the future has four wheels. Its engine burns artificially produced natural gas. The gas is locally produced by synthesis of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Wind turbines and solar farms supply the necessary power for this. Distribution is largely carried out through existing pipeline infrastructure.
Car companies are system suppliers. Their product is called mobility.
The car of the future belongs to companies (automotive, energy, tourism), utility companies (transport) or syndicates (car sharing). Only few cars belong to individuals.
Car operation is funded time- and kilometre-based. All public roads and parking lots will be subject to toll.
The respective route operator decides whether the car can be controlled autonomously or is steered automatically in a group.
The car of the future is optimized in its properties (features, functionality) to the individual needs of its passengers.

Together with gas-powered decentralized heat and power stations and (fuel) line operators it provides a substantial part of the decentralized energy reserve of a state.
Code : 9004

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