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Art Type : drawing

Series : Secle - Catch the cloud - S1

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ARTSURPRISE - Art work ARTSURPRISE - Art work Artist | Publisher : Elisa Battiston

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Congratulations. I am Secle, a young artist, and you are now part of my art project. These 100 pieces are meant to be a simple, funny and colorful game. The protagonist is a cloud that flows and change, and your mission is to find the right one! I invite you to collect them.
You can find the rules in the blog: secleblog.wordpress.com. Basically you read the instructions and match the descriptions with the right cloud; you must be quick and precise. If you want you can take a picture of your cloud, and then please post this photo in my facebook page: www.facebook.com/Seclestyle (where you can find more information about my work), and share your Secle experience! You are going to have a blast!
Code : 9104


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