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Art Type : combined painting

Series : Juan Petry - Masterpieces - S2

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Artist | Publisher : Juan Petry

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Congratulation. You are holding one of the masterpieces from my long trail through Europe in your hand. Starting many years ago I still continue this combined painting by collecting pieces I find and get from friends wherever I am for a while. So it is a special documentation of my life time, my journey and of what I encountered while travelling through this wonderful Europe. It also reflects todays world. Now it has become part of your history. This piece may have travelled a long way before I lay it now in your hands. I exhibit combinations of these 8 x 5 cm masterpieces in various countries and places and yours may have been part of an exhibition, installation or intervention.
To be part of this history, guard my piece, combine it with others you will find on your personal trail in the future and create your own composition of this contemporary art collection. Visit http://www.8x5.eu/ for further information about masterpieces of a pilgrim and to order additional pieces or combined pieces with frames.

Juan Petry, Cologne, Barcelona, 2012
Code : 9204

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