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Art Type : mixed media

Series : Sonia Eva Domenech - Coffee2go - S1 - mixed media

Page Views : 1300

Artist | Publisher : Sonia Eva Domenech

mixed media | x/120 | 2013

In the past the word coffee was connected with break, recreation and recovery. The ritual, to take a coffee was also a chance to communicate in a informal conversation.

Nowadays the rhythm is quick, inhuman and superficial. There is no time for to drink a coffee in a relaxing situation and for these breaks.

The people rush and run from one appointment to another. The coffee must adept.

But like all liquids, the coffee has a life of its own, its own structure and specific properties. The coffee recalls and follows inner laws.

And often when the people attaches the cup of coffee in her haste, the coffee marked the position and takes possession of the place.

The human disappears in his hats and in his hustle. But the coffee remains.

The circle closes and opens itself. The coffee talk to us: take a break. Respect the nature, find your specific rhythm, keep your eye open for the beauty of the moment.

Sonia Eva Domenech, Casa del Dragon, Spain

Code : 9724

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