A better reset for the art market

Fred (DeSouza Gallery) and Juan (conceptual artist) are talking about a better reset for the art market, online portals to promote and sell art and the difference between these platforms.

Artsurprise – a social art work and cooperative project – is working since 9 years on its way to discover new pathways to promote and sell art. Not only that new emerging tools are creating a new reality for all market players, it force everybody to redesign the chain of communication and distrubution, and – interestingly for a contemporary artist – it with also influence the art itself.

Fred and Juan tried a new concept for artsurprise in the last show in Spain. MUARCO – the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition – itself is part of a larger social art initiative, founded by three artists in the beginning of 2020, just before the first lock down. It question the role of a museum as an important factor in art presentation, preservation and research and as a hotspot of culture at all.

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