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arteLOcura is a play on words, depending on how you emphasize it, it means "the crazy art" or "the healing art". In these times, contemporary art will have important socio-political tasks and challenges: documentation (for historical processing), clarification, accompaniment, moderation, pacification, motivation.

This is an OPEN CALL for photo artists. The tender is worldwide. Every artist (minimum age 18 years) with a personal professional website or represented by an art trading platform (saatchi or similar) can participate. You can take part with at least 1 and a maximum of 10 original photos (only JPEG, resolution 120> 300 dpi, file size 5> 7 MB).
DEADLINE: artwork number 120 or 2022-01-30 - 12am CET

Your work should be based on these challenges and make them pictorial in terms of contemporary photo art and history. You have all artistic freedom including digital processing. Content that creates fear, is inflammatory or glorifies violence will be rejected. You expressly consent to the production of three copies of each work, the publicly accessible exhibition of your work in Spain in 2022 and the publication of your work as part of a special edition of the art project ARTSURPRISE.EU.
Your work will be exhibited with the title, your artist name as the author and the website you specified and will be later published with this information in the ARTSURPRISE project. There is no right to acceptance, curated selection, exhibition or publication in the context of ARTSURPRISE after the upload. The author of a selected work will receive a notification and further information on the progress of the project by email.

Submitted works of art will be curated. The works are exposed in three copies with a size of 80 x 50 mm. A selection of the works will be shown in an art exhibition in Spain in 2022 as part of the MUARCO project. These works will later be published in a special edition in the ARTSURPRISE.EU project. The participating artist will not incur any further costs. Both participation in this competition and the possible exhibition in the MUseu de ARte COntemmporaneo in Spain will be for free. The ARTSURPRISE.EU project bears the costs for the production of copies, transport, exhibition setup and dismantling, logistics and packaging. Income from the sale of the special edition will be donated to the APEAL school project in Bucharest.

In the event of ambiguities or malfunctions, you can use a telegram group.

Your photo will become part of a large collage made up of many individual photos. Please note the following information.

You agree in storing, processing and modifying the photo you are uploading and in assembling it with other photos in the same project. You agree in publishing - offline and online - the assembled result.

You confirm that you are the owner of all rights related to this photo and you give it for free.

We reserve the right not to use individual photos later, in particular if we suspect a violation of copyrights or if the photo contains offensive, discriminatory or youth-endangering depictions. There is no obligation for us to actually make use of an uploaded photo.

After transforming your photo we will delete the original photo soon, latest 6 month from now on.

Be a part of the art | art makes happy!