18 September 2018    
Love in civil wars - Sonia Eva Domenech - Acrylic on olive tree x/100 - sold out !

artsurprise - falling in love with art!

artsurprise makes you happy. The wealth and cultural diversity of young contemporary art is a treasure for mankind. artsurprise promotes the current political approach to maintain unity through diversity in Europe by means of cooperation, interaction and communication.

artsurprise - a mirror of new trends and extraordinary art

artsurprise is an experimental platform for new styles and techniques. It develops the spirit of a new generation of artists, willing to cross all borders and limits of the traditional art market. Fresh and cool, smart and powerful, you can now see great art in small size.

artsurprise - your private contemporary art collection

artsurprise gives you the chance to collect important early birds from ambitious,  upcoming artists. Over the time you will have an insider's experience about what is really going on in the field of new trends and art forms. Start now!




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Art makes happy.