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19.08.2014 14:16 Age: 4 yrs
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ARTSURPRISE in one of the most visited places in Spain - Castillo Papa Luna - Peñiscola

As part of the exhibition "Amor en guerras civiles" the european art project ARTSURPRISE mounted one vending machine in the exhibition hall in the Castle of Papa Luna. The machine will be available till 31. of August 2014.

The exhibition project "Amor en guerras civiles" is another social sculpture from the conceptual artist Juan Petry. He invites every artist to participate under that theme if the artist help to find and help to organize one exhibition for the project. "That condition works fine. Every year we get more attention and invitations (Juan Petry)"


Between 16. and 31.08. 2014 the exhibition is placed in the castle of Papa Luna in Peñiscola (Province Castellon) in Spain.


As part of the show ARTSURPRISE mounted a vending machine and offer real contemporary art.


The exhibition is open between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day.

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