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ARTSURPRISE meets Kunstpunkte

The European project ARTSURPRISE participates in the art event KUNSTPUNKTE 2014 in Eitorf.

KUNSTPUNKTE is organised in collaboration between the cultural center of the City of Hennef and Eitorf (in the river SIEG region near Bonn and Cologne). The nice area is full of beautiful forests, old castles and other touristic hotspots. Every year the region celebrates an art festival. ARTSURPRISE shows vending machines in two places: in the industrial area of Eitorf in the big Hall of Maschinenbau Feld and in  the BIOSTATION near the train station of Eitorf.


The vending machines are charged with a special surprise! Each machine contains boxes from one of our two joint ventures in art. Get exclusively art from URUGUAY, PERU, ARGENTINA, VENECUELA and AFGHANISTAN! Select MIXED MEDIA and with a little luck you get 2 original art works, one from an artist of one of those countries and one response in art from one of the 210 European artists, who participate in the project ARTSURPRISE.


As another highlight, we exhibit in the BIOSTATION a showcase full of art works and tools around the project. On Saturday and Sunday at 12 o'clock the initiator Juan Petry invites you to a tour into the secrets of ARTSURPRISE (meeting point in the BIOSTATION, 1h, in German language).


Later in November, ARTSURPRISE participate also in the art festival in Hennef with one vending machine in the exhibition hall of the city hall in the center.


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