18 September 2018    


28.06.2014 - 18.00 hrs

Zeche Zollverein - Extraschicht 2014

We invite you to the World of Artsurprise, a show of more than 160 european artists in Halle 2, 1st floor. We show fantastic art works and installations. Do not miss our special events between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m with guests from various European countries.

Meet artists and art from more than 20 european countries. Enjoy with us various artistic activities. Join the movement of young contemporary art. YOU are welcome!


Find us in Halle 2 - first floor. General link to the location Zeche Zollverein.



Ottilia Cormos - Painting - Performance


The roumanian hungarian artist demonstrate painting on and behind glass and invite you to apply for your personal work.

The artist Björn Göttlicher born in Germany and living in Catalunya invites you to a exclusive photo shooting. Get your personal portrait form one of the famous contemporary photographers,  working for National Geografic, Spiegel Online and other magazines.


Annette Jellinghaus - german artist - with an improvisational performance of live painting. In this painting performance the artist will show you her colourful, dynamic and contrasty work in progress for artsurprise.


Eva Löffelholz - german artist show a exclusive installation - get with some luck an ARTSURPRISE box of the limited series "EXTRASCHICHT"


Oliver Niemöller - german artist and musician - enjoy the large video projection - discover the secrets of fractals and get in contact with impressive 3d fractal art works. Niemöller was also one of the first artists joining ARTSURPRISE with audio and video art. Get your art work out of one of the machines! Its limited art. Good luck!

Margot Paris - canadian artist - enjoy the installation - meet the world most known symbol of industrial times in Essen, only here, only that night. Meet the artist personally and discover more art from Canada and France.


Heimat - the german spanish conceptual artist Juan Petry envite every guest of the extraschicht to send him a foto for a large installation. Upload your image, meet the artist, be part of a wonderful social art project in your region!


Elena Ploetz, a Russian artist living and working in Germany, invites you to join her Art Surprise Story project ( http://artsurprisestory.jimdo.com ) and get your personalized “impression-portrait”. Answer a few simple questions about yourself and the artist will draw her “vision” of your personality – enjoy the art, be surprised!"



Katrin Walschek - german artist - video art and performance and installation - get involved in a beautiful art work and be part of it. Write or draw your wish (on paper). It will be part of a new series of artworks for ARTSURPRISE.


Secrets of a social sculpture


The secrets of ARTSURPRISE - exhibition - documentation - background info - get a great overview about the history of ARTSURPSE, a brief knowledge about the secrets of this amazing social sculpture. Know more about swarm intelligence and art market.


The initiator Juan Petry talks about the funny way to discover the right dimension of the ARTSURPRISE boxes, the logistical and administrative implications of the project and next milestones.


The guided tour in englisch and german starts at 7 p.m. near the INFO Counter.


Disposed Demons - Join the art!


Take a card, draw, paint, stick on it! Send your creative work to the german artist Bernard Bieling. Be part of an art intervention and enjoy contemporary art. If you send your work, you get a original art work from the artist. Take your advantage. This project is connected with the series disposed demons . Some of the works are available in one of the vending machines... have luck!

Edition Kabul Art Project 


Enjoy fantastic artworks from Afghanistan. For the joint venture between Kabul Art Project and ARTSURPRISE the german curator Christina Hallmann selected 10 famous artists from Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan. Each of these artists send 20 original art works to Germany. Discover the beautiful art and learn more about contemporary art from Afghanistan...and 10 european artists gave a response in art. Get your unique art couple in one of the limited boxes...

New point of sales for ARTSURPRISE...


More than 12 new locations upcoming...

Theater im Schlossgarten, Arnstadt, Germany|  popup11-Gallery, Bonn, Germany| CACIS Artist Residence Spain | KUNO Produzentengallery, Germany | Boesner Stammhaus, Witten, Germany | Centro Cultural Marchado, Cologne, Germany | textil.ART Gallery, Dinkelsbühl, Germany | Centre Civic Barceloneta, Spain ...

Meet new contemporary art hot spots with ARTSURPRISE machines on Zeche Zollverein, Halle 2, 1st floor.  Get information about place, location and people...


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