16 October 2018    
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Joint Venture in ART is an international art project inside of the social sculpture ARTSURPRISE. 10 foreign - non european - artists creating 200 original art works, curated by one galerist or art agent or local representant of ARTSURPRISE in their country.



Discover European Contemporary Art...


Each of these artists send 20 works to Europe. 10 european artists - and members of the ARTSURPRISE group - reply with 200 artworks.


The european artist reply to each work of this art couple. Both works are published in one box. The series of 200 boxes is published under an edition name and distributed to all points of sale of ARTSURPRISE.


The target of this intervention is multi-national cooperation and colaboration and an open dialoge between european and non - european art. Further collaboration between the artists is another target.


Even Europe know the value of open exchange between creatives worldwide.


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