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ARTSURPRISE - Art work Qasem Foushanji | Elena Ploetz

Abul Qasem Foushanji (aka Dark Artery) is an Afghan freelance artist. Qasem often reflects the unclean and dark aspects of life in his mostly abstract works. He believes >> most of the people ignore such aspects, because it is not beautiful. But showing it more can be a way to create solutions. <<
He also plays bass for Afghanistan’s only Metal band District Unknown.

Elena Ploetz is illustrator and painter. She was born in Russia and lives and works in Germany. Her actual work based on techniqal perfection (drawing and painting) combined with social media investigations in blogs and social networks. She invites visitors to interact with her in forming art works or creating stories around them. Ploetz run several international exhibitions over the year, is member of EL-DRAC and guest of the artist residence CASA DEL DRAGON.

ARTSURPRISE - Art work Taqi Mehran | Martina Fischer

Mehran graduated from Fine Arts Institute at Kabul University with BA. His works have been exhibited in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Martina Fischer is conceptual artist in Germany. She is involved in big art events like EXTRASCHICHT and run several exhibitions.

ARTSURPRISE - Art work Zainab Haidary | Sonia Eva Domenech

Zainab is currently studying at the Fine Arts Department of Kabul University and is training photography at the Third Eye Photojournalism Centers photography workshops. Her works range from realism to abstract with various mediums and were shown in the US, Australia, Germany and Afghanistan.

Sonia Eva Domenech is a famous catalan artist, working in Spain and Germany. Domenech is involved in several european art projects and develop the artist residence CASA DEL DRAGON in Spain.
ARTSURPRISE - Art work Mumtaz Khan Chopan | Schirin Fatemi

Mumtaz K. Chopan is trained in Fine Arts and Design and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul University. His works have been exhibited in Afghanistan and at the documenta13 in Kassel, Germany.

Schirin Fatemi: Born in Germany, Fatemi studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she received her Fine Arts Diploma. Today she lives and works in Germany and in Italy and shows her works (painting & graphic art) in Germany and abroad. Works in public and private collections.

Messages, exchange, the contrast of near and far in the simultaneity of cultures: With this thematic focus, I have approached my work. These questions have inspired me here:
What influence on my work has my background, or the fact of living in Europe? How do I design my work in a communicative way? How does my approach changed in relation to the art of the other? And how my art will change in the box, along with the work of my art partner?

ARTSURPRISE - Art work Hamed Hassanzada | Juan Petry

Hamed Hassanzada lives and works in Kabul. He is painter, drawer and sculptor.

Juan Petry is the initator of ARTSURPRISE, the founder of the european art network EL-DRAC and the CEO of the artist residence CASA DEL DRAGON in spain. He work in several countries and is involved in art and socio cultural projects.

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ARTSURPRISE - Art work Hamdullah Arab | Nicole Bartel

Hamdullah Arbab started painting in 1996 in his time as a refugee in Pakistan. After returning to Afghanistan he started using arts professionally as a tool for development and peace pioneered in the Youth in Action Association. In 2012 he received the Bachelor of Arts in Law and Political Sciences from Ariana University in Jalalabad. Arbab‘s works have been exhibited and awarded throughout Afghanistan, he is organizing workshops and is now starting a Jalalabad based artist association.

Nicole Bartel is dancer, dance therapist, performance artist and run several art projects like GLUECK - Herzverbunden. Bartels art is always a mix of creative workshop, social plastic and art intervention in public spaces. Bartel lives and works in Austria and Germany.
ARTSURPRISE - Art work Faiqa Sultani | Hans Nijman

Faiqa Sultani started painting at the Negar Khana Sharq Art Center in 2009. She participated in courses and workshops in the fields of classic painting, drawing, photography, photo journalism at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Afghanistan and is trained in documentary film. Faiqa has been exhibiting her art works since 2010. Some of her works are exhibited at the Goethe Institut in Kabul.

Hans Nijman is autodidact and owner of the gallery BRUECKE in Asbeck - Legden. He is involved in several art projects and shows his work in different european countries. Nijman supports the ARTSURPISE project in Netherlands.

ARTSURPRISE - Art work Arif Bahaduri | Rolf Habel

Arif Bahaduri joined the Marefat Art Gallery in 2007 after his return to Afghanistan from Pakistan and is currently studying at Rabbani Educational University in Kabul. He exhibited his work in several exhibitions in Kabul and the Czech Republic.

Rolf Habel, co-founder of the artist fab KUNSTWERK in Cologne and performance partner of Nicole Bartel (Glueck-Herzverbunden), is multi-talented artist and teacher and social worker. He works also as a curator. Habel likes a lot jam sessions with friends and use drums and other music instruments in his performances.

ARTSURPRISE - Art work Ali Akhlaqi | Petra Nijman

After graduating from Abdorahim Shahid High School, Ali completed three years of studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University in 2012. He presented his sculptures, drawings, photographic, video and digital art works at several group exhibitions in Kabul and at the documenta13 in Kassel/Germany.

Petra Nijman is autodidact. She started at the university of Bochum (Germany) fine arts in 2014. She is one of the featured artists of the gallery Bruecke in Asbeck Legden. Nijman is member of the european art network EL-DRAC and supports ARTSURPRISE in north west Germany and Netherlands.

ARTSURPRISE - Art work Tamanna Barekzai | Sonia Eva Domenech

Tamanna Barekzai is currently studying Fine Arts at the Kabul University. She was trained in painting and photograohy in many workshops including documenta13 Kabul. Her works have been exhibited in Kabul at the National Gallery, Center of contemporary Arts Afghanistan and at German, US and Canadian embassies.

Sonia Eva Domenech studied drawing and sculpture in Girona and Barcelona, after the diplom in fine arts she continued with graphic design. Domenech is member of the european art network EL-DRAC, co-worker in the artist residence CASA DEL RAGON in spain and one of the first artists of ARTSURPRISE.
Domenech is living in Germany and Spain, her art is in private and public collections.


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