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action drawing event in Casa del Dragón - the house of the dragon


In May 2013 the conceptual artist Juan Petry invited his artist friends and people from the local area in Eastern spain to participate in an action drawing event in the house of the dragon, the artist residence in Cervera del Maestre.


"I invited art lovers and artists to draw together on one table under the theme of the exhibition POP UP IN SPAIN.

I am sure, whenever you give a group a reason to work together, the result has much more value than just the collection of individual works. The process of interaction and doing something in a group creates a new multidimensional expression and gives a relaxed feeling to the participants, since they are not alone responsible for the result.


Over 20 art lovers, people from the village Cervera del Maestre, guests from Logroño, Cologne and some international artists have created together a big artwork (140 cm x 120 cm) within 3 days. There was no rule, no guideline, no main target, only the spirit to express themselves and to create a part of a drawing in a corporate feeling.


In a dance of icons, images, abstract and realistic pieces the drawing became real art work and ... pops up in Spain.


In a line with"stop|now|start" and "migration" it was the 3rd public happening in the artist residence Casa del Dragon in Cervera del Maestre (Spain). We prepared the table with 200 unique layers in wood and we publish them in a limited series of 100 boxes in ARTSURPRISE. These boxes are available in all our points of sale. You find more information about this series here.


If you hold one of these pieces in your hand, you can download the complete image of this drawing and search for the position of your individual piece.


Some of the art lovers explained to me, that it had been a long time that they had drawn something and that they were really happy to return to the positive feeling in connection with this creative work.


This might be a clue for everybody: culture and art are not only a source of sense and happiness, they initiate communication and are also tools for developing one`s personal well-being."


Juan Petry, Cervera del Maestre, 2013



Some special pieces are available online here.


If you like to have such an event as part of your own cultural activity, please write a mail to office / at / artsurprise / eu .


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