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stop | now | start


action painting | Cervera del Maestre | 2012

In winter 2012/2013 the Casa del Dragon, artist residence in eastern Spain, invited the members of the European network EL-DRAC to participate in the stop | now | start - exhibition. Ten artists from five different countries showed their works in the House of the Dragon and in the Ermita de San Sebastia nearby.

As part of the exhibition they invited the local inhabitants to an action painting event on the 21 of December, the end of the Maya calender.
Three tables in the wonderful garden of Merche Cerveron, friend and supporter of the artists, represented the three words of the theme.

stop was for all we want to stop, talking lies, pressing people, destroying the nature...
now was placed for the moment, the real moment of the present, the hinge between past and future, the moment of action...
start was for all the good wishes and visions for the future, powered by the now and for creating a better world.

13 international and local artists painted three abstract artworks during the day. The background medium of each picture was composed of 127 pieces.

The Argentinian photographer Luis Camargo documented the work progress. It shows the dynamic in the creative process of 13 individual artists working together.

Each painting developed its own character, in the dance of colors and of artists in Merche`s garden on a sunny and windy day in Cervera del Maestre (Castellon).

Some pieces of this action painting are available in the Casa del Dragon in Cervera del Maestre (Castellon) and on Saatchi Online Gallery (London) and 300 pieces (from each theme stop, now and start one piece) are part of an ARTSURPRISE series.


Links : Series STOP NOW START | Saatchi



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