18 October 2018    

TGV en 50 secondes


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The stop motion animation film "TGV en 50 secondes" was made by more than 30 enthusiastic art lovers in Cologne.


The conceptual artist Juan Petry created more than 1000 unique art pieces in the dimension 8 x 5 x 1,6 cm for the film set (background, landscape, buildings, railroad tracks, tgv engine and passengers).


"Triggered by the invitation to participate in the short film contest Co.AR.CO 2012 in Marseille, I decided to combine the film production with a social sculpture called "making a film in a group". Most members of the animation crew did not know each other. They came together for the first time. I assumed that the group dynamics as well as the irreversibility and uniqueness of this film production would give each member of the group a positive feeling and create a respectable result.


In order to support the group identity and team spirit, I recommended to produce a making-of documentation including interviews with all helpers.


It was a special experience for all of us, particularly concerning the sense of time. I remember the joy when, after three hours of animation work, the first second of the film sequence was completed.


Ultimately, the clou was to combine the film production with the social sculpture artsurprise. Art lovers can - with a bit of good luck - get a real piece of the film set through artsurprise and thus, they will be part of this art project as well." (Juan Petry)


1600 production hours


1250 photos (for 50 seconds film)


3 terabyte of data (film, photos, documentation)


17 different software utilities on 4 workstations


music - improvisation by Walter L. Mik, recorded at Nachtigall & Lerche - academy of singing, Cologne 

We participate with the film in the co.ar.co short film festival in Marseille (FR).

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