Basicis about Artusprise and the social sculpture FamiliaFeliz

Some basic facts about ARTSURPRISE and the decentralized living community FamiliaFeliz

In this video we talk about the decentralized living community FamiliaFeliz and its basic ruleset. Linda and her family in San Diego are also creatives and searching for opportunities to spread their artistic message in the world. So we talked also about the social sculpture ARTSURPRISE.EU, which was born on the terrace of the house of the dragon.

Both projects, the living community and the art movement, are not chained in a way but both are a creation of the think tank in CASAdelDRAGON, the artist residence and think tank of FamiliaFeliz in Spain. And both are born out of a simple contemporary question: how to create a project with value for all partizipants, in case of the art project, including customer and all others involved in the process, in case of the living community, including members and – important – also non-members around us.

ARTSURPRISE.EU is a social sculpture and art work itself. Juan Petry mount refurbished second hand tobacco vending machines as a sculpture in real art spaces – like a trojan horse – and invite artists to use it as a vehicle to distribute their own message all over the network of this vending machine locations. Transparency and absense from any competion between the artists its a slowly growing network to explore new contemporary art production by implementing standards form industry and logistics into the art market.

If you are responsible for an art space, if you are art daler or artist you will find more information here:

if you love art and you want to collect pieces of amazing art works form artists all over the world you could browse through our database by inserting a number between 1 and 26.000 in our check form and you will receive information about the content, based on this box identification number here: is a decentralized living community, based on groups. It was founded together with the first group, called ELDRAC (the dragon) in 2016 and implemented a basic ruleset, called charter. After exploring many other european communities, the group of founders invited more than 50 friends to assemble a charter. With this paper we gave ourselves a mental body to express the main values and procedures.

If you want to check out more about our comunity you should read some news in our blog here:
and you could download our basic ruleset in your favorite language here:

2020-07-29 6pm MEZ we will continue the discussion in a next livestream on youtube and you will get some samples of artworks from new emerging us based artists as well as some samples and background stories from already published artworks inside the project.

Join our channel on 2020-07-29 at 6pm MEZ here.

Thanks to all the artists and friends helping this project running and all the gatekepper inside the art market tor promote and push this movement of contemporary art.