Carola Ruemper - Ruemperiens - S1

Archaeological find of a Rümperien*
Location: Sinai desert
The research work about the population of the Rümperiens discovered and documented by the artist Carola Rümper in the meantime is well-known by various publications in the whole world. But what she and her team succeeded recently was sensationel.

On Nov 19th 2011 at 12.42 p.m. a fossilised Rümperien was found in the Sinai desert.

There is an unknown kind of beings, which is investigated and documented by the artist Carola Ruemper since several years.
They are specially shaped creatures, usually characterized by a corpus with different tentacles.
Particulary striking is the black skin.
The locomotion takes place in fast, agile movements to all directions.

For more information download the file (english) (deutsch)

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Carola Ruemper - Ruemperiens - S1
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