Petra Nijman - Flora and Fauna - S1

Fauna and Flora - water colour - S1

You are holding an original water colour artwork in your hand. This is a unique piece from the Flora and Fauna series.

An exhibition on this subject will take place on 1 may 2015 in GALERIE BRUECKE, Brueckstrasse 3, D - 48739 Legden-Asbeck.

We cordially invite YOU and YOUR family to this event.


Send the sheet of paper enclosed in the box back to us with a motif from flora and fauna on it (painted, cut out from a magazine, with a printed photo...). Do not forget to give us your address (email), so that we can inform you about the progress of this action.

We are looking forward to your feedback. More information you will find on our website.

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Petra Nijman - Flora and Fauna - S1
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