Sonia Eva Domenech - olive trees - s5

series 5 | x/100 | 8x5cm | 2011

I am a catalan artist. I love my country. I love the forest, the plans and I love the old trees
In Catalunya we call the very old olive trees “millenarios” and we are proud of them. Some of our regions are full of this beautiful old plants.
I am a european artist. I love Europe. I love the diversity and freeness without borders. I love the mix of people from all over the world around me.
Most of the people think, the olive trees where part of spanish culture over hundred thousands of years. But this is not true. The north african conquerors brought them – and a lot of farm knowledge – to my country 1000 years ago.
So one of the symbols of my country was a foreigner!
The catalan people assimilate more than 5 million foreign people in the last 200 years. We integrate them only within the language in our sociaty.
Catalunya is a powerful sample for a nation without borders. We give the foreigners a chance and they become part of us, like the amazing olive trees under our blue sky. .

Sonia Eva Domenech, Girona, 2011

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Sonia Eva Domenech - olive trees - s5
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