Edition GalerieSassen - Dr. Saxa - Juergen Klopp - Foto - 2014

Gallery Sassen

In 1993 Luzia Sassen curated her first exhibition. Over the following years she presented art in a choice of individual locations, not traditionally accepted as exhibition sites, and placed art in a daily working environment. The new exhibition space – designed by herself, is located in the centre of the shopping district of Siegburg, offering the public an easy approach to contemporary art, thus focusing on her personal motto living through art, living with art.

Since 2020 she present the art in her gallery in Hennef/Stein near Bonn and in Windeck/Schladern, Germany.

Luzia Sassen represents established artists and she supports up-coming artists with great enthusiasm. Numerous of her exhibitions featured regional artists as well as artists from all over Europe. In recent years Luzia Sassen has build up contacts with Japan and the Kanada. She looks back on 27 years of experience and success in the art world. It enables her to open a new venue for the work of young artists and a venue for in-depth discussions on the arts.

Dr. Saxa and Klopp are featured artists of Gallery Sassen.

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Edition GalerieSassen - Dr. Saxa - Juergen Klopp - Foto - 2014
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