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Juan Petry – uploads – S4 – 2014

uploads 4 – Marseille

Juan Petry – 2011 – 2014

Whenever humans start to develop their tools, they want to extend the range of their senses. In modern cities you see them outsourcing their thinking to build a new virtual interbrain.

Guarding the social networks as their new Tamagotchis the nerds start to transform into real cyborgs.

More and more they feed this interbrain to take space in virtual spheres and evolve their socialisation. They feel complete only with permanent interaction, success by access. The interbrain is always hungry. It wants to upload all the time. Feed to live, live to feed, the boundaries are blurred.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and all their schizophrenic virtual brain locations are interacting themselves. I think therefore I am turns to I upload to be.

Not to be online is nearly the private death. This development depersonalizes the public space. The citizen disappears.

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Juan Petry, Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille 2011 – 2014

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