Edition Nora Valdez - Joint Venture 2 - South America - Series 1 - 2014

Nora Valdez - Joint Venture in Art

As part of the second Joint Venture in Art the artist and curator Nora Valdez collected 200 artworks from various contemporary artists in South America.

Famous artists and university teachers contributed to this series, each with 20 artworks.

Vadez herself published also one series (sample photo above).

In 2018 Valdez visited the CASAdelDRAGON in Castellon, Spain. She contributed to the art camp and sculpture garden a very personal work.

Nora in Spain - CASAdelDRAGON (external link!)

"Valdez, living in Boston (America) and Latin America is one of the most influential contemporary sculptors from Argentina. In her works she is able to express feminin power, tragedy and chance and remind us to reflext about communication, power, nature and life."
(Juan Petry)

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More about this artist (external Link!)

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Edition Nora Valdez - Joint Venture 2 - South America - Series 1 - 2014
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